Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Steve Mensah receives Challenged Champions and Heroes Person of the Year Award 2021


Mama Sarah Obama Receives Selfless Service Award

 What an amazing day! I’m truly humbled to have Mama Sarah Obama receive the Selfless Service Award in my name. I would like to thank all the people that made this possible. A special thanks for planting a tree in honor of Dr. Robin A. Lococo in Mama Sarah Obama’s Garden of Dignitaries.

Prof. Akama, words can’t thank you enough for your service. My sincere gratitude and love to all.

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Monday, July 2, 2018


Dr. Sonny Lara, Founder of Firehouse with Firehouse Youth

Drs. Sonny and Linda Lara are trained Statesmen through Dr. Clyde Rivers, President and Founder of iChange Nations™ Statesman’s Program. They have embraced their passion to help others, particularly youth that have little to no potential to succeed in life. They reside and work in the San Jose, CA region. They are impacting may lives on a daily basis. We are proud to call the iChange Nations™ Statesmen.
Youth From Firehouse Program -
School Graduating Class
Transforming at risk youth, throw aways, gang members and drug addicts is what Firehouse Community Development is known for. Drs. Sonny Lara and Linda Lara knew unless someone intervened with these type of young people they would be handed a death sentenced or life imprisonment. Unless someone stepped in a detoured them from this type of lifestyle this would be their fate.
With this in mind, the Firehouse set out to rescue and save the worst of the worst. Those who nobody thought could be saved. Those, who all hope of any type of turn around seemed impossible. Their only hope of survival would be for them to escape a bullet or never get caught by the police for doing a violent crime. These are the type of youngsters that Firehouse sought out to bring hope.
Drs. Sonny and Linda knew the first step in doing so was to establish a safe haven for these youth. A place where they would feel welcomed and accepted. A place where you weren’t looked down on or discarded as unworthy because of the neighborhood you came from, the clothes you wore, the tattoos on your body or the amount of income your parents made. Where youth felt valued and accepted.
So believe it or not a “hand shake” is what opened the door for Firehouse to begin this task. A hand shake of warmth and love for each and everyone that we encountered. Soon the trust between Firehouse and the youth was established. They began to open their hearts and we were able to come in and bring hope.
We then began the Firehouse School Program. Four or more F’s, a low GPA, truancy and disciplinary issues was and continues to be the criteria for entrance into the program. This program is not for the valedictorian, on the contrary. There are enough programs for them. It is for those who are failing in school and life, and need guidance to get back on track. At Firehouse we believe every life has value and that includes the worst of the worst.
We know that if we had the opportunity to encourage, empower, enlighten and speak life into these youngsters they would succeed. Four days a week we are on school campus. Allowing students with four F’s or more come to our program to receive help.
We are only funded to take case loads of forty students, but we had over a hundred students wanting to get in the program. There was no way we could turn any of them down even though we knew we would not receive any funding for them. We were overwhelmed by the response and knew we had the opportunity to transform their lives.
We have now seen such great transformation in these young people. They have gotten their GPA’s from 0.2 to some as high as 4.0. Yes 4.0! And now being accepted at colleges and universities.  We are so proud of our students who have completely turned their lives around. Off drugs, out of gangs and out of trouble. They are now working and going to school. We give God all the Glory for we know it is Him that has made all this possible.
Written by Dr. Linda Lara

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Dr. Lococo receiving her award w/Congressman Davis

Dr. Robin Lococo was truly overwhelmed with joy, when she was nominated and selected to be recognize as one of the top 20 women in the world to receive one of the “Global Women of Excellence Award”. “This is far more than anything I could have ever dreamed of,” says Dr. Robin. The 6th Annual International Women's Day in Chicago Illinois was the celebratory Women’s Day landmark date, March 9, 2018, with the award personally presented by Illinois Congressman Mr. Danny K. Davis. Dr. Robin Mosier-Lococo was nominated by Dr. Gladys Loggin-Folorunsho Founder of USA/Africa Chamber of Commerce. She was nominated for her years of dedication and public service to mankind. This is an award surely fitting Dr. Robin Lococo's life.
Dr. Robin Mosier-Lococo is the President and Founder of "Challenged Champions and Heros", an organization that brings honor and recognition to the physically and mentally challenged; individuals that experience challenges in their day to day life and those that help ease their difficulties. Challenged Champions and Hero’s is a division of iChange Nations™, an organization that reaches out globally to impact the world through honor.
The Challenged Champions and Heros organization connects with other organizations that are helping provide assistance through tools that can be used to lessen the difficulty of the challenged, i.e. prosthetic limb attachments to name one, enabling those without hands to be able to have a more normal functioning life 
Dr. Robin personal history has dealt with physical challenges from birth; being born only weighing 2 lbs. and 9 ounces. She truly understands how it is going through life being treated somewhat differently. Dr. Lococo never let this or her size stop her from achieving her goals. She has had some obstacles to overcome in her life to get her to where she wants to be. She has risen to the challenges which has given her a sensitivity to others that are challenged. This has been a strong motivator to, not only honor those rising above their challenges, but also to value those that assist them along the way. Truly the unsung heroes of our world, the caregiver.
Dr. Robin serves as Executive Director of Administration for "iChange Nations", an organization founded by Dr. Clyde Rivers. She has been serving along-side Dr. Rivers for over two decades. iChange Nations™ is reaching out to the world to better mankind; bringing honor, based on the universal principle of the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Dr. Robin Lococo’s longevity working with Dr. Clyde Rivers has been the catalyst for her list of accomplishments. It speaks volumes about her commitment to society and mankind overall. Dr. Lococo's commitment and dedication to honor the challenged in life can barely be matched by anyone. Dr. Rivers says, “There is no one on earth quite like Dr. Robin. Her commitment to others and our work has gone above and beyond. We are better because we have her in our lives. Thank you Dr. Robin for your long years of service, you’re the best!”
Dr. Robin Lococo was appointed Executive Administrative Director of the North America Division of (IPI) Interfaith Peace Building Initiative. She is a board member of iChange Nations™, aiding Founder and President, Dr. Clyde Rivers with this global recognized organization.
Dr. Robin Lococo’s educational background includes an earned Bachelor and Master Degree in Theology, an earned Doctorate, as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Society and Human Rights from Latin University of Theology. 

Congressman Danny K. Davis w/ Dr. Lococo    
Dr. Robin Lococo truly ranks as a "Top 20 Woman of the World" for how she lives her life, clearly pouring her life back into humanity. If we only had more individuals like Dr. Robin Moiser-Lococo, our world would be a different place. Thank you so much Dr. Lococo, for showing us all how it's done, making a direct impact to the world with your humanitarian heart. It’s pretty certain society hasn't heard the last from you because we all know you have a few more mountains to conquer.  
"We of the world thank you deeply and sincerely, for being the change society need" – Dr. Tony Branch, Golden Rule International Goodwill Ambassador