Saturday, March 24, 2018


Dr. Ona C. Miller

This story of Dr. Ona C. Miller is a great inspiration to anyone that will take the time to read it. She sets an example that with self-determination, a kind heart and vision you can rise above what the world might throw at you and find your contribution to the world. Dr. Ona is an iChange Nations™ Diplomatic Statesman in training with Dr. Clyde Rivers and is a great world changer. The atmosphere around her changes when she is present.
Dr. Ona C. Miller was the woman that always wanted to be behind the scenes, but at the same time knowing that she was purposed for more. Dr. Ona stated, “In her early years, she struggled with self-confidence, even though she knew she was competent enough to do what she was created for.
Dr. Ona would purposely wake up every morning with the intent to treat others with kindness and she was determined to understand others, just as she wanted to be understood. Dr. Ona remembers while in school, always being the individual who unwillingly stood out, never considered or chosen, and even bullied. She was always told by others outside of her household that she was not enough and regardless of the opposition she faced, she was never accepted. Often people would attempt to tell her story according to their perspective. More than often, their story was wrong. Dr. Ona vividly recalls trying to figure out why people were so callous, malicious, cruel, and purposely functioned in a role of rejection. In their eyes, I was too big, too tall, too dark, and too sheltered.
Dr. Ona remembers spending most of her time alone, with an exception of her family and in particular her sister. She says, she learned to be alone, but not lonely. Dr. Ona admits that truthfully, she never wanted to be involved in a particular group, but she desired to be accepted and understood. Therefore, no matter how people treated her, she always wanted to treat others right. As Dr. Ona reminiscences on being taught by her mother and father to treat others in the same manner that she desired to be treated, she had a realization.
One day it finally occurred to her that the only way to love others is to first love herself. Because of this realization, she became her best friend and began to believe in herself. It no longer mattered what people thought of her or said about her, because she knew herself and loved herself. As Dr. Ona smiles at her memories of being able to look in the mirror, only then she was able to help others look in the mirror too.
Dr. Ona confesses that every learning experience that she has encountered, from conception to this present time, has catapulted her to the affirming moment of nomination, acceptance, and continued implementation of the Golden Rule International Award. It is her mission to service humanity and our world by “Building Cultures of Honor and being a catalyst for Global Peace.
Dr. Ona considered it a great honor to accept the appointment as a Golden Rule Goodwill Peace Ambassador and to be recognized as one of the Women of Global Solutions. She now can confidently say, “I know who I am.” Ambassador Dr. Ona C. Miller dedicates her life and legacy to helping other women successfully, confidently, and purposefully write their own narrative for their lives.