Monday, September 26, 2016


Dr. Dan Justice 
Much like the “apostolus” in the first century who acted as ambassadors of Rome to the people where they had expanded their kingdom, Jesus sent his disciples as “apostles” to make known the culture of his kingdom.  In like manner, Dr. Justice has traveled to 16 countries over the last 30 years to create cultures of honor and to improve the life of mankind.

Dr. Justice's home base is in Ft Worth, Texas where he leads a house church with a focus on developing the treasure, that is God’s gift, that resides in every human being.  Dr. Justice combines over 30 years of business management and ownership with a unique understanding of the seasons of life and how to communicate a path for growth and development. The family that is built in this intimate setting has resulted in additional outreach through its members across America and into other countries, reaching across traditional lines of separation such as race and gender. 

Relationships have also been formed with other missionaries resulting in a global impact that has literally reached around the world. He has also built a network of house church pastors in his city for mutual encouragement, council and fellowship. Collaboration among these leaders has multiplied resources and opened doors of opportunity for others to serve as well.

Dr. Dan Justice impacting lives in Nigeria
One of Dr. Justice’s current missions is partnering with New Vision Ministries from Alvord, Texas, to plant a church in the City of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The residual effect of planting this church has been the opening of the door to be a mentor to a network of pastors in the city through training conferences, one-on-one council, and providing discipleship materials for the members of their churches. The mission also consists of establishing business ventures to create jobs and to partner with the government to invest into the communities in which they are engaged. Future plans include establishing a radio and television studio that will give an opportunity for those who are being trained to expand their influence to others.

Plans are also being laid to duplicate this model in Uganda, Kenya, and Honduras.

The glue that holds this all together is conducting ceremonies in cooperation with Dr. Clyde Rivers, the Founder, and President of iChange Nations, where they create a culture of honor in the country in which they are working.  The Golden Rule, as a foundation, is a creative force that will change the course of a nation. ICN models this truth by recognizing and honoring people from every sector of society for the good they have done to serve humanity.  This creates good relations and sets a road-map for long-term relationships.


Dr. Dan Justice is a Golden Rule World Peace Ambassador and part of the iChange NationsTM. He is the founder of PMI, International, a Non-Profit Organization along with his wife Sharon and their 7 children.  Together they are training and equipping people around the world in business, education, family, media, government, religion and arts & entertainment.


Chris and Carol Green

We stood before a minister, taking those sacred wedding vows, but five months later we were beginning to feel like this was not going to work. Our marriage was in the first stages of disintegration. No matter how sincerely we were trying to communicate, we could not connect. Words, phrases and actions said one thing but it meant something totally different to the other person. We didn’t have the same language because we didn’t have the same words.  We didn’t even have the same alphabet.

We cannot recall the exact date and time, but following another one of those frustrating and futile moments of trying to communicate, we sat down together to try and reach some agreement. We had to find a way to stay connected with one another. So we made a PACT and it went something like this:

“I choose to believe that no matter how you say, what you say to me, you are not intentionally trying to hurt me, you meant it for my good.”

Our pact was simply the Golden Rule being applied to our relationship. When we made this pact, we had no idea how significant it was going to be. We just felt a new sense of peace. It was like we were finally, really married. We had slowly moved beyond the soaring emotional connections of love and advanced to a solid unconditional acceptance of one another. We had forged the Golden Rule into our marriage. We had each said, “I will treat you the way that I want to be treated. I will trust you the way that I want to be trusted.”

We had a new security. We had tapped into a secret place from which we could begin learning one another’s alphabet and thus begin to piece together words and sentences.  Simultaneously, we could build a stronger connection between us. It was like working on our health while working on an injury at the same time.

The Golden Rule has been a huge part of the foundation of our marriage for more than 35 years and we have also been teaching it as a healing prescription for the couples that we coach. Sometimes our family and friends comment on our present ability to communicate in a manner that seems almost telepathic. We can just say one word or give a brief glance across a room and we are able to conduct an entire conversation in a few seconds.

This new level of communication began when a couple that had only been married for six months, in a moment of desperation, made a Golden Rule choice for their relationship.

This article was written by Chris and Carol Green

World Peace Ambassador, Dr. Clyde Rivers calls Chris and Carol Green the leading skilled experts in rebuilding, restoring and renewing hearts and homes. The Green are certified master life coaches who founded the Fruitful Life Network, Inc. an innovative community care and coaching outreach. They are international columnist/writers with the award winning team of Dr. Clyde Rivers and iChange Nations Social Media News™. They specialize in marriage coaching having written a book about marriage and relationships titled, We Made a PACT, and produced several online marriage enrichment and resiliency courses.


Dr. Grace Kinuthia and Hon. Sheila Jackson Lee

On Friday in honor of Top 30 Influential Women of Houston Gala Award Ceremony, I had the honor of meeting with several influential people including Hon. Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee. Hon. Lee is the U.S. Representative for Texas 18th Congressional District since 1995.

The main purpose of the event was to honor, celebrate and motivate women who are making a difference in their communities in different business sectors such as education, arts, healthcare, journalism, law, and finance.

Through this event, I was reminded of the importance and the value of women in society. Every woman matters and is valuable. We all have been created for a purpose and should contribute to the void that exists in the world. We need to keep our eyes open for opportunities to support and honor other women on the path to their dreams and celebrate their success; be it through congratulating them for a job well done, networking, giving them a positive comment or feedback and acknowledging their efforts in making the world a better place. Sometimes, that's all someone needs to help them with their journey so they don't give up on their dreams.

It is also very important to build relationships with other people that are outside our circle of influence. No matter how talented someone is, networking is very important for it can lead to partnerships that can change the world.

I'm very inspired and I encourage other women to honor and celebrate each other. Let us celebrate others by helping them reach their fullest potential. God created each one of us uniquely for a purpose and to accomplish our purposes, we need each other. Unity is strength. We are stronger when we work together than against each other.

We are working in collaboration with Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, the Founder, and President of iChange Nations, the world's largest Honoring Network Establish Cultures of Honor around the world. Hope 631 continues to bring back and celebrate the culture of honor. iChange Nations is also a professional institution that equips, mentors and trains highly esteemed individuals who have the desire to change nations throughout the world.


This article was written by Dr. Grace Kinuthia

Dr. Grace Kinuthia is a Golden Rule World Peace Ambassador and she is also the president of Hope 631, a non-profit organization that aims to alleviate poverty through education and empowerment of local businesses within communities in Africa. Dr. Grace is also involved in the leadership of iChange Nations First Lady's Club. Setting forth to honor and promote First Ladies around the world. Helping them leave a legacy of hope and advancement for the people of their respective countries.