Sunday, August 21, 2016


Dr. Phinehas Kinuthia

The launch of the Human Rights Global Congress by IChange Nations™ in Grand Rapids Michigan was a life changing event. It was exciting and inspiring to have people from all walks of life come together and begin the conversation on how to educate the world on their Human Rights. It was inspiring to hear from each great leader.

The underlying theme was how valuable each of us are in our uniqueness and why we are to contribute towards humanity’s development by educating our children.  What inspired me was the paradigm that human rights issue is all about potential. There is untapped potential in everyone and so when we violate the human rights of others such as their rights for equality and freedom we deny them the opportunity to maximize on their abilities and who they were meant to be. This in return becomes potential wasted and humanity misses out on the value of that person’s contribution to the world. So every person should be valued.

It was also clear that the education of people on Human Rights has to start with our children. The average person cannot quote all the 30 Human Rights in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.  So we are to start helping people learn and understand their rights so they can become proponents and advocates of causes that support these rights.  It was an honor to contribute to this great conversation.


Article written by Dr. Phinehas Kinuthia

Dr. Phinehas is an IChange Nations™ Statesman, a Golden Rule World Peace Ambassador. He is also an Executive Global Liaison for IChange Nations™ Human Rights Global Congress. He has authored the book, Dreaming to Becoming. 

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