Monday, September 26, 2016


Dr. Dan Justice 
Much like the “apostolus” in the first century who acted as ambassadors of Rome to the people where they had expanded their kingdom, Jesus sent his disciples as “apostles” to make known the culture of his kingdom.  In like manner, Dr. Justice has traveled to 16 countries over the last 30 years to create cultures of honor and to improve the life of mankind.

Dr. Justice's home base is in Ft Worth, Texas where he leads a house church with a focus on developing the treasure, that is God’s gift, that resides in every human being.  Dr. Justice combines over 30 years of business management and ownership with a unique understanding of the seasons of life and how to communicate a path for growth and development. The family that is built in this intimate setting has resulted in additional outreach through its members across America and into other countries, reaching across traditional lines of separation such as race and gender. 

Relationships have also been formed with other missionaries resulting in a global impact that has literally reached around the world. He has also built a network of house church pastors in his city for mutual encouragement, council and fellowship. Collaboration among these leaders has multiplied resources and opened doors of opportunity for others to serve as well.

Dr. Dan Justice impacting lives in Nigeria
One of Dr. Justice’s current missions is partnering with New Vision Ministries from Alvord, Texas, to plant a church in the City of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The residual effect of planting this church has been the opening of the door to be a mentor to a network of pastors in the city through training conferences, one-on-one council, and providing discipleship materials for the members of their churches. The mission also consists of establishing business ventures to create jobs and to partner with the government to invest into the communities in which they are engaged. Future plans include establishing a radio and television studio that will give an opportunity for those who are being trained to expand their influence to others.

Plans are also being laid to duplicate this model in Uganda, Kenya, and Honduras.

The glue that holds this all together is conducting ceremonies in cooperation with Dr. Clyde Rivers, the Founder, and President of iChange Nations, where they create a culture of honor in the country in which they are working.  The Golden Rule, as a foundation, is a creative force that will change the course of a nation. ICN models this truth by recognizing and honoring people from every sector of society for the good they have done to serve humanity.  This creates good relations and sets a road-map for long-term relationships.


Dr. Dan Justice is a Golden Rule World Peace Ambassador and part of the iChange NationsTM. He is the founder of PMI, International, a Non-Profit Organization along with his wife Sharon and their 7 children.  Together they are training and equipping people around the world in business, education, family, media, government, religion and arts & entertainment.

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