Sunday, April 22, 2018


Dr. Lococo receiving her award w/Congressman Davis

Dr. Robin Lococo was truly overwhelmed with joy, when she was nominated and selected to be recognize as one of the top 20 women in the world to receive one of the “Global Women of Excellence Award”. “This is far more than anything I could have ever dreamed of,” says Dr. Robin. The 6th Annual International Women's Day in Chicago Illinois was the celebratory Women’s Day landmark date, March 9, 2018, with the award personally presented by Illinois Congressman Mr. Danny K. Davis. Dr. Robin Mosier-Lococo was nominated by Dr. Gladys Loggin-Folorunsho Founder of USA/Africa Chamber of Commerce. She was nominated for her years of dedication and public service to mankind. This is an award surely fitting Dr. Robin Lococo's life.
Dr. Robin Mosier-Lococo is the President and Founder of "Challenged Champions and Heros", an organization that brings honor and recognition to the physically and mentally challenged; individuals that experience challenges in their day to day life and those that help ease their difficulties. Challenged Champions and Hero’s is a division of iChange Nations™, an organization that reaches out globally to impact the world through honor.
The Challenged Champions and Heros organization connects with other organizations that are helping provide assistance through tools that can be used to lessen the difficulty of the challenged, i.e. prosthetic limb attachments to name one, enabling those without hands to be able to have a more normal functioning life 
Dr. Robin personal history has dealt with physical challenges from birth; being born only weighing 2 lbs. and 9 ounces. She truly understands how it is going through life being treated somewhat differently. Dr. Lococo never let this or her size stop her from achieving her goals. She has had some obstacles to overcome in her life to get her to where she wants to be. She has risen to the challenges which has given her a sensitivity to others that are challenged. This has been a strong motivator to, not only honor those rising above their challenges, but also to value those that assist them along the way. Truly the unsung heroes of our world, the caregiver.
Dr. Robin serves as Executive Director of Administration for "iChange Nations", an organization founded by Dr. Clyde Rivers. She has been serving along-side Dr. Rivers for over two decades. iChange Nations™ is reaching out to the world to better mankind; bringing honor, based on the universal principle of the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Dr. Robin Lococo’s longevity working with Dr. Clyde Rivers has been the catalyst for her list of accomplishments. It speaks volumes about her commitment to society and mankind overall. Dr. Lococo's commitment and dedication to honor the challenged in life can barely be matched by anyone. Dr. Rivers says, “There is no one on earth quite like Dr. Robin. Her commitment to others and our work has gone above and beyond. We are better because we have her in our lives. Thank you Dr. Robin for your long years of service, you’re the best!”
Dr. Robin Lococo was appointed Executive Administrative Director of the North America Division of (IPI) Interfaith Peace Building Initiative. She is a board member of iChange Nations™, aiding Founder and President, Dr. Clyde Rivers with this global recognized organization.
Dr. Robin Lococo’s educational background includes an earned Bachelor and Master Degree in Theology, an earned Doctorate, as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Society and Human Rights from Latin University of Theology. 

Congressman Danny K. Davis w/ Dr. Lococo    
Dr. Robin Lococo truly ranks as a "Top 20 Woman of the World" for how she lives her life, clearly pouring her life back into humanity. If we only had more individuals like Dr. Robin Moiser-Lococo, our world would be a different place. Thank you so much Dr. Lococo, for showing us all how it's done, making a direct impact to the world with your humanitarian heart. It’s pretty certain society hasn't heard the last from you because we all know you have a few more mountains to conquer.  
"We of the world thank you deeply and sincerely, for being the change society need" – Dr. Tony Branch, Golden Rule International Goodwill Ambassador

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